The artistic town of Szentendre has been the first location in Europe where Caprice International, the biggest European distributor of jewellery opened its new shop and tourist attraction, offering visitors an experience unparalleled in its kind.

Guests are first shown to the exhibition of Hungarian Jewellery, which offers an insight into the history of Hungary's 1000-year-long culture of jewellery. An exclusive 2000-sqm showroom – the largest in Europe - exhibits a marvellous and up-to-date collection of jewellery and diamonds that suits the taste of our age.

Besides the lavish necklaces ornamented with the most precious diamonds, our visitors can select from a variety of more than 4000 beautiful jewels. Professional setting has been brought to such a level by Caprice experts that they are able to make an invisible setting. This is a speciality of Caprice's, where ‘Princess’ or ‘Baguette’ diamonds are used, which are cut in a particular way. As a result, the stones are inserted in the jewel like a puzzle. The golden seams between the diamonds are invisible, with the final result of a miraculously sparkling panel of gold.

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